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Digested read – How to organise your business in the Digital Age.

October 10, 2018

Adjusting the operating model for success and overcoming stalled digital efforts.   The digested read is an ongoing blog series where I take a white paper or long-form article and digest it to a palatable five minute or so read for you. TL;DR? I read so you don’t have to.   This week we are looking at Organising for a Digital World by Jenny Davis-Peccoud, Laurent-Pierre Baculard, Greg Caimi and Oliver Straehle. They all work for Bain and Company.

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Agile project delivery explained and a useful glossary – Round-up

December 16, 2016

Welcome to the RattleBerry RoundUp. This is a weekly series where we select a topic of interest to our clients and panel members working in experience design, product management, marketing technology and digital transformation. We hope you enjoy it and we look forward to reading your feedback and comments! Let us know either way on LinkedIn.   Here at RattleBerry, we collaborate with large, multi-layed corporations operating in various sectors such as finance, aviation, media and retail. Our clients for quite some time now, adopt and invest more and more in the Agile project and software deliver method. But why are they doing this? Well, our view is they find the methods used very suitable for delivering front end products, website and apps. This is the intersection of user experience design and digital innovation, where we recruit exclusively. So, we thought a deeper dive into the make up of agile team, common terms you hear and more merited a round-up.

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Agile and user centered design

October 14, 2016

Bringing user centred products and services to market is a preoccupation for all of our clients. In many ways user centred design is the new marketing. Your customers experience is your brand. But how are the large and unwieldy corporate sector addressing this new reality? The people we work with tend to be senior managers in large, complex, multi-layed corporations. With the greatest of respect these kinds of institutions are not know for agility or for rapid change and innovation. This is not always a bad thing, and, it is worth bearing in mind that the "turn an oil tanker" line, used to scold large businesses about their slowness to innovate, does not factor in that the tanker is full of oil!   With this in mind we asked Eleni in the office to trace the context of product and service design from Waterfall to Agile and how User Centred Design came to demand consideration in this evolution. Hopefully there are some insights and takeaways for you in the post. She started with a summation of the Waterfall development process:

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RattleBerry RoundUp: The Future of Recruiting

February 10, 2016

Welcome to the RattleBerry RoundUp! This is a weekly series where we select a trending topic and round up the latest and greatest articles to keep you up to date. We hope you enjoy it! Let us know either way on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. This week we are taking on the topic of the future of recruiting. This is what RattleBerry is all about. As the corporate world undergoes digital transformation, something to realize is that there will not only be changes in the way companies do business but also in the way companies attract and hire talent. The recruiting industry along with HR departments the world over are being rocked by the shift to digital. Everything from the way a candidate applies for a job to the way an employee is defined is shifting, and it feels as though we are on the brink of a revolution. Just as in commerce where all the power has shifted to the customer, to stay relevant in recruiting (especially for tech) we must realize that all the power has shifted to the candidate.

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