How We Built Our Interim Manager Panel and Why

September 21, 2017

Here at RattleBerry we often talk about our interim manager panel. Well, some might reasonably ask, what is that and why did you do it?




Our panel are interim managers and consultants we have been working with for many years and over multiple completed engagements. Another source of great talent we farm is referral from other panel members, people they have worked with.


In this way, we forge long-term relationships with the interim managers. We know how they work, where their skills are best deployed and what kind of client will benefit the most from their time. As a client, you know that you are working with a talent partner and consultancy that has hand picked the best person for your needs. It is a highly engaged process requiring multiple meetings and consistent communication throughout. We are personally invested in the success of our interim managers, consultant and clients. That is the lifeblood of our business and we invest heavily to make sure it stays healthy.




Our interim managers and consultants can fulfil a number of roles for you. We are asked to do a combination of the following:


  1. Provide strategy consultancy in-house as an alternative to the big four or agency model.
  2. Recommend senior interim management to cover a long notice period, maternity leave, or to run a programme.
  3. Put together a combination of consultancy (to define a solution) and interim resources (to execute and manage the plan).


Our interim managers and consultants have expertise in experience design, marketing, product management and digital strategy. These are the functional areas needed to deliver user-centred propositions in the digital age. By doing so modern business can stay relevant and ahead of their competition. It is the point of differentiation for today. That is our focus and passion. Our interim management and consultant panel is the conduit through which you benefit from it.


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Photograph by – Matteo Vistocco