Your employer branding partner.

Communicate as a brand - recruit like a marketer.

Our employer branding partner business is here to help organisations like yours create compelling employee value propositions that work to attract the right talent. This allows us to promote your employer brand. We bring the good stories to the right people through the right channels at the right time - creating employee & candidate experiences that engage, acquire and retain the most suitable people for your organisation. It is time to start engaging the right talent. Keep reading to understand what we can do to help your organisation develop a class leading employer brand programme and execute effective recruitment marketing campaigns.

We have over 15 years experience at the intersection of recruitment and marketing. We have long held the belief that if organisations can treat candidates like users and market their culture like a product then existing and potential employees will have a better experience, leading to better performance. The emergence of employer branding as a discipline that sits across HR, recruitment and marketing in the last few years has confirmed the validity of this view, both through the results leading organisations are achieving and from the large amounts of data that is available to verify the effectiveness of these efforts.

Having studied employer branding in depth and with deep experience in marketing communications, digital project management and talent acquisition/ recruitment we are uniquely placed to help leading organisations generate an unfair advantage over their competitors for the right talent. We can also shot you how to retain and engage the right talent that sits in your organisation right now.

Your employer branding partner.

We're committed to assisting organisations to better understand and communicate their culture and unique employee value proposition in order to better attract, recruit, empower and retain the most suitable talent.

There are four main areas we can help you with.

We're in the business of ensuring that your organisation becomes an authentic, attractive employer for the specific talent you need to attract and retain into the future. We partner with you, not as an agency, but as an extension of your team. We combine onsite work with offsite work and approach each programme as a building block to a long term employer brand strategy. Not a one of campaign. We'd love to talk to you about working together.