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This will help you prepare for an interview

December 6, 2018

General interview advice The following is a good short introduction to get yourself up to speed for any professional interview.   General interview preparation – a thorough overview of all types in interviews and how to prepare for them. Telephone interview preparation – the most important tip – have headphones with a mic so you can take notes. Examples of commonly used competencies – the behaviour and experience interviewers screen you against. Using the STAR model to…

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The Top 10 Online UX Design Courses

August 30, 2017

“Most people make the mistake of thinking design is what it looks like. Design is how it works.” Steve Jobs famously said. He must be talking about UX design. It can be said that UX design sits at the center of user needs, business goals and brand identity.   According to Joe Baz, an experienced Senior UX Designer at Athena Health, “A UX designer is responsible for understanding both customer problems and business…

ByBerfu Sahin
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User Experience Designer Interview Questions and Tips

May 18, 2017

In User Experience Designer interviews, there are some common questions that you should be ready for.   In this blog post, I wanted to examine general, technical and behavioral questions in UX Designer interviews, what is that interviewers expect to learn from them and how you should approach answering them. I hope this can help you in the interview process and be a prompt to advance personal design perspectives.   You can check open…

ByBerfu Sahin
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Interview Questions for Digital Marketing Positions

May 17, 2017

There are always some specific questions related to digital marketing whether the position is a Social Media Specialist or a Digital Director. We’ve rounded up all of the best and common interview questions for Digital Marketing positions to get ready for a job interview.   In this blog post, you can find tips and general questions for a “Digital Marketing” job interview. Also, you can check open Digital Marketing job positions…

ByBerfu Sahin
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How social media can be used to help your next career move - a deep dive

October 25, 2016

Image by Dean Meyers In our effort to find our dream job or the perfect fit for a job position, both candidates and recruiters actively use various social media platforms. First you build your profile, then you create your network and then you start hunting for the best possible outcome. There are lots of good articles about basic social profile optimisation for recruitment such as Tweet your way to a job: using social media to develop your career published by The Guardian or Social Media for Networking posted by the Career Services at Princeton University. But outside of the above, quite common techniques, what else could one do to use social media to help you progress in your career? So, we thought delving a little deeper into the origins of social media platforms and how they can be used in a broader sense to help your career, would be a useful addition to the typical articles.

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RattleBerry RoundUp - Interviewer Techniques & Advice

June 24, 2016

When it comes to getting advice on interviews, it's mostly about being interviewed and not the other way around. In fact, this was one of the more difficult articles to write, because the right content was few and far between.

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Seven ways to improve your LinkedIn page immediately:

May 19, 2016

Creating a strong LinkedIn profile nowadays can be crucial to helping you get the job you want. Linkedin is an opportunity to showcase your skills as and brag about why you're the 'best employee and worker there ever was and ever will be'. It's also a key opportunity to demonstrate your personality and attitude as a person, not just a worker. LinkedIn is designed to help you find a job, so just like creating a strong CV, if you're going to use LinkedIn, you need to take it seriously and be willing to put time into it.

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RattleBerry RoundUp: Interview Tips for Success

March 24, 2016

Welcome to the RattleBerry RoundUp! This is a weekly series where we select a trending topic and round up the latest and greatest articles to keep you up to date. We hope you enjoy it! Let us know either way on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. This week, we wanted to give you some tips on how to walk out of an interview feeling confident that you performed to the best of your ability. Being in the recruiting business, we do a good amount of interview and career coaching and strategy for our clients and panel members. Since we only work with experienced and senior level professionals, there is another level of professionalism and business savvy required during interviews that is often not covered in interview preparation material you find on the internet. Here, we have pulled together recent articles covering useful tips and information for experienced professionals going through the interview process.

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10 UX Interview Questions & How To Answer Them

March 11, 2016

One of the core recruiting areas for RattleBerry is UX, so we are consistently meeting with clients to hear their needs and prepping our candidates to perform to their best ability in interviews. We then have the benefit of hearing from both the client and the candidate after an interview on what they felt went well and didn't. Here are some of the common questions we hear  UX designers struggle with in interviews, and how we recommend you answer them.

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5 Reasons You Need A Personal Website

February 12, 2016

We all know that the recruiting process has moved almost entirely into the online space. Because of that shift, all of our lives got a little bit easier. You can upload a CV or attach your LinkedIn profile to most applications in a split second which has removed much of the labour from the application process. Information on how to optimise your CV or profile is not only readily available, but it is virtually engraved into the brain of anyone who has applied for a job in the last 10 years. With all of these advancements, one question still remains, "How do I stand out from the crowd?" There is still no easy answer, but something you can do is create a personal website.

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