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How Focusing on Customer Experience Helps Business Owners to Increase Customer Loyalty and Sales?

October 11, 2017

%56 will never use a company again Over %25 will recommend friends not to use the business 20% will take revenge by posting a review online 14% will share a poor experience on social media Those facts show what happens after poor customer experience, according to the report by New Voice and Click Fox.   Unsatisfied consumers are an inevitable truth of business life. Those companies which provide any poor customer experience have to pay a heavy price; either negative customer…

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ByBerfu Sahin
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Customer experience - round-up

November 25, 2016

Welcome to the RattleBerry RoundUp. This is a weekly series where we select a topic of interest to our clients and panel members working in experience design, product management, marketing technology and digital transformation. We hope you enjoy it and we look forward to reading your feedback and comments! Let us know either way on LinkedIn. “What do, Canada Post, and Ace Hardware have in common? They all have a great focus on customer experience, which has played a large role in their overall success and they did so without a customer experience team”. This is the starting phrase of the article that I recently came across No, You Don't Need A Customer Experience Team, posted at Forbes. What, however, does the term Customer Experience (CX) mean? A hot and very "now" topic that is relevant to our audience of clients and panel members. So we wanted to write a round up that will help you understand the topic in an in-depth way from some long read articles from the best in the business.

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