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The best CV format ever – in my opinion

June 6, 2015

  I work in recruitment, mostly senior technology, digital and online operations jobs, and I am often asked what is the best way to format a CV. Now, this is a tricky question. People don’t want to be too prescriptive as it is a subjective thing and no two people are the same. They also do not want to try and shoe-horn different professions under one template. Additionally there are a wide variety of opinions on what works and does not. So recruiters and HR professionals are reluctant to give their own take in case it is “wrong”.

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Digital Director - Media

June 4, 2015

Company Description A very large and successful media buying group are now looking for a leader to join one of their growing brands. This is a 200 strong organisation structured to grow and achieve even more. They are plugged into every piece of the media pie we consume everyday and they do it better than the rest. Digital innovation is at the centre of what they do as part of an overall data driven view of the world. Job Description They need a leader to join their team. Someone who has world-class digital media experience. They are looking for a Director of Digital to inspire the team to grow digital media planning and buying to new heights within the agency. The clients are all household names and international brands. They are mostly mass B2C businesses who execute global media and advertising campaigns, so they need to work with a media partner who is comfortable in that environment. Our client is one such media partner.

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This will help you prepare for an interview

June 1, 2015

I was reading a piece from Lou Adler, one of the most published head hunters out there, on the best interview question of all time. The one thing that as an interviewer you should ask a candidate to evaluate their fit for your company and role. As a potential candidate it is instructive, have a read of it here and consider the following. If you can answer this question and deal with the 20 or so follow up questions then you are prepared for any interview.

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