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The Top 9 Online Digital Marketing Courses

August 8, 2017

Digital marketing skills are essential not only to those actually working in the field but also to entrepreneurs, senior managers and anyone looking to talk to their customers via the channels they want to use. We can all see that digital marketing expanding day by day: the digital economy represents 6% of Ireland’s GDP which represents €12.3 billion. It is expected to expand about €21.4 billion (%7.9) of GDP by 2020.   As a digital marketing masters…

ByBerfu Sahin
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Digital Ads: Craft or Crap?

March 24, 2017

Shots fired – adland’s problem with digital We summarize, and take a look at the evolving reaction to, Marc Pritchard’s IAB speech at the beginning of the year. Digital adland and publishers were put on one year’s notice to clean up their act, and as the end of Q1 approaches, we thought we’d bring the story up to date.  On the 29th of January, Proctor and Gamble’s Chief Brand Officer Marc Pritchard pressed the media for…

ByBlessing Duke
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Should you start marketing on Snapchat?

September 1, 2016

Any popular social media platform will have two main stages in its career - before and after digital marketing. Neither stage is  better than the other, Facebook and Twitter aren't considered lesser now because you can like Reebok. If a company can find a tasteful way to promote their content on these platforms then there's no harm done. But what about the new kid on the block; Snapchat?

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RattleBerry RoundUp - Big Data:

May 6, 2016

Welcome to the RattleBerry RoundUp! This is a weekly series where we select a trending topic and round up the latest and greatest articles to keep you up to date. We hope you enjoy it! Let us know either way on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. This week we're talking about 'Big Data', from what it is, to how it works, to why you need it. Big data isn't something to cause you any concern, in fact, it'll benefit you in the long run! Big Data can be defined as " the collection of large data sets from traditional and untraditional sources that can be analysed to reveal patterns, trends, and associations, especially relating to human behaviour and interactions." Big data is simply a new more advanced way of conducting market research to help maximise your time, efforts and profit.

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8 Specialties In Digital Marketing

March 4, 2016

The landscape of digital marketing is one of the most rapidly changing you can find today.  It has evolved from simple beginnings in corporate websites and search engine ads to a highly diversified field with a multitude of specialties that can be confusing to those new to the industry. We wanted to break down the areas that have come into their own in the industry and offer a quick explanation, in layman's terms, of where they fit into the industry. Whether you are a small startup or a corporate juggernaut you need to have someone, or a team, covering each of these specialties.

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A Blueprint for A/B Testing

February 18, 2016

We are partnering with Ghergich & Co. to bring you an infographic on a definitive blueprint for A/B Testing.

In category: Digital Marketing UX
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