The RattleBerry interim manager panel - what it can do for you

August 25, 2017

Over the last two years, we have seen a pressing need emerge again and again. The need for rapid access to flexible contract staff with real expertise is a big opportunity for our clients to gain a competitive advantage. Especially in the marketing, product, UX, data and digital functions. And from now on it is the core focus of our recruitment services business. We call this our panel of interim managers. Let me break down what we mean and how we have come to this conclusion.



We are a small team of recruiters, marketers and experience designers based in the Media Cube, a startup incubation centre in South Dublin. Our managing director, this post’s author, Edward Conmy has worked as a specialist interim recruitment manager, he has co-founded and led digital businesses, and, he established RattlBerry in 2015.



For the last two years, we have been working with some of the best marketing, product, UX data and digital people in the world. Over this time we have identified a number of dedicated contractors who have become part of our panel of experts. We have met with them to really understand their domain expertise and where they work best. They are screened and evaluated, and, in many cases, they are veterans of completed RattleBerry assignments. These professionals are available for short to medium periods of time to help lead a project, develop a plan, manage a function during a gap-fill or audit and review a third party agency.



Working in a large business brings many great benefits for senior managers and leaders. However, something that could be better is the ability to get the right people on the team at the right time. Head count restrictions and outdated recruitment processes lead to long term gaps in key areas. Solving emerging talent needs is often not best served with a permanent hire.


By working with dedicated interim managers and contractors we move the conversation on from recruitment to delivery. We are a professional services agency that allows you to outsource key marketing, product, UX, data and digital functions. We work with you to understand your business challenge, design the human solution with you and put our panel to work in your business.


Our panel work across modern marketing, product management, UX design, data science and digital functions in large businesses. These are the people who can deliver user centred propositions to customers through the channels they want in the connected age.


That could be putting in place a customer value proposition with an appropriate omnichannel contact strategy. Or it could be delivering a user-centred e-commerce website and platform. It can also mean creating the digital marketing strategy to engage the right segments through the best channel. How about creating a product strategy and go to market plan appropriate for today’s consumer?


Our approach can get you the right people on your team to solve the above and more. Even better than that, you won’t be looking for head-count and we provide complete outsourcing of payment, tax and contracts.


UX, marketing, product, data, digital



You can access our panel right now. We will meet with you to understand your business opportunity and we will challenge you to understand what talent solution is best suited to get the best result. So please, get in touch with me, Edward Conmy, on +3531 4852 775 and let’s meet to discuss how our panel of interim managers can have a material impact on your business performance.


P.S. If you are an experienced consultant, contractors or professional looking to join the panel get in touch and we can arrange a meeting.

P.P.S. If you are in the need of permanent leadership we will head-hunt on a retained basis.