Interview Questions for Digital Marketing Positions

May 17, 2017

There are always some specific questions related to digital marketing whether the position is a Social Media Specialist or a Digital Director. We’ve rounded up all of the best and common interview questions for Digital Marketing positions to get ready for a job interview.


In this blog post, you can find tips and general questions for a “Digital Marketing” job interview. Also, you can check open Digital Marketing job positions on RattleBerry.


Before the questions, it is really important to prepare the structure of your answer. I always suggest STAR technique which allows you to explain every single detail as well as impress the interviewer.




‘STAR’ technique is a popular and effective tactic for competency where the recruiter or hiring manager is seeking examples of your previous experiences (mostly challenges) you have encountered.
For the questions related to previous projects, your answer should be structured with four parts: Situation, Tasks, Action and Result.Thus, the interviewer will listen carefully to each part of your story if you have a strong base and you can convince the employer that you are perfectly suitable for the position. Since Digital Marketing interview questions are generally based on behavioural and hypothetical questions, you will have great opportunities to impress the interviewer with a great structure. Remember, positive thinking can be very powerful and life changing.


 Here, you can find a detailed article about STAR technique. 



This is where you start and set the scene by giving a context and background to the situation. Do not forget to outline 5 Ws – Who? What? Where? When? Why? 



This part is basically your challenges and expectations you faced during the situation. You should also mention your individual role within the team.



This is the most important part of your answer: you need to explain what action was taken, what tools and tactics were used to help you achieve your objectives. So, this is the main answer to the question: you can use a lot of details. Lastly, use always “I” rather than “my team” or “we”.



Achievements on the back of the project. Try to include as many facts and figures as you can remember. (Numbers are always cool!) The recruiter will want to see what did you learn from the situation, how do you act towards a problem/conflict and if there was anything you could do for the next time.



There are many questions the interviewer can ask you, from SEO to website maintenance to PPC to social media.

We rounded up common digital marketing interview questions from Glassdoor:



1. What is the difference between digital and traditional marketing?

2. How do you see the future of digital marketing?

3. What do you think is a big trend in the digital marketing?

4. What are the most effective and basic ways to increase traffic to your website?

5. What CMS platforms have you administered before?

6. How would you explain Digital Marketing to a person that never saw a computer or a 4-year-old child?

7. How will online advertising change in the next 10 years?

8. What in your opinion, is the biggest challenge that your market faces?



1. Why do you want to work in this company? Why are you interested in this role?

2. What have you understood from the role?

3. Which skills do you think you will be developing working for the company and/or as a Digital Marketer?

4. Could you please tell me your responsibilities in your last work experience in 3 minutes?/ Please summarize your CV within 1 minute.

5. What are the 3 qualities that make you fit for the job?



1. What does the conversion funnel look like in your old company?

2. When/ how do you know when a campaign has failed? What metrics do you use?

3. What is the relationship between SEO and content marketing? What SEO tools do you use?

4. What role do paid ads play in your marketing strategy?

5. How would you handle negative feedback about your brand?

6. What can be improved in our current marketing? What would you do better?



1. Tell me about a time when a team you were working on experienced some of conflict? How did you handle it?

2. Tell me about a time when you were tried to implement an idea people on your team were not supporting. What did you do and what was the result?

3. How would you colleagues describe your leadership style?

4. Tell me about the most successful team project you have been involved in and why it stands out for you?

5. Tell me about a time you helped a person or a team develop personal and/or professional skills. What was your strategy for building out those skills?

6. Tell me about a time you found a way to substantially improve a project that you were not managing.



    • Search for the company on YouTube. If you can find any press conference or announcement, it could give you more information about the current direction. If it is a tech company, you can search on TechCrunch. You can also search on Glassdoor in order to read reviews, salaries and other interview questions for each position of the company.
    • Perfect your online presence: interviewers generally look at candidate’s social media profiles before or after the meeting.
    • Be a storyteller and always use STAR technique while answering the questions. “Tell me about a time..” questions are the best opportunities for you to show all your previous responsibilities, challenges, actions and solutions.
    • Make a great impression: be polite, dress well (always dress at or above the standard for the employer) and arrive on time. Remember, the “classic” job interview rules still apply.

Finally, good luck!

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ByBerfu Sahin