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Internet Service Providers Vs. The Privacy Battle

April 21, 2017

Sometime in March, the Senate in the United States of America had a vote to eliminate broadband privacy rules that would require internet service providers (ISP’s) to get consumer’s explicit consent before selling or sharing web browsing data and other private information with advertisers and other companies. Thereafter, President Trump gave the green light to sell consumers browsing history and since then, critics believe that an individual’s right to privacy is being threatened and curtailed with the…

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Why You Need to Invest In Business Model Innovation:

May 11, 2016

With the constantly changing and evolving digital and online media market landscape, it pays to not just be one step ahead, but three. There are many ways to do this but almost always does it link to innovation and creative strategies and practices to keep your business one above your competitors. Developing a strategy to achieve this isn't easy, but one of the best ways and most popular means of doing so today is by using a Business Model Innovation Chart. Business model innovation can be described as: "Achieving transformational growth often means changing how you engage with customers. Business model innovation is about fundamentally rethinking your business around a clear—though not always obvious—customer need, then realigning your resources, processes and profit formula with this new value proposition."

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Software Developer

June 22, 2015

Company Description We are working with a IT systems integrator and they are looking for a software developer to join on a 12 month day rate contract or a salaried permanent basis (this depends on the preferred candidates preference). This firm operates across the Island of Ireland and they have contracts ongoing with large corporations and some well known semi state bodies and enterprises. This particular contract is based in Dublin City Centre and you will be working on the development of applications to help build some of the largest infrastructure upgrades in the State's history.

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